Advertising campaigns of retail chains

Advertising campaigns of retail chains

It has been more than two months since the beginning of the Covid-19 outbreak. Listonic team conducted several successful marketing campaigns for brands and FMCG chains. In this article, you will find a brief study of campaigns for retail chains.

Moja Gazetka with an Aldi offer

In March and April, Aldi promoted their products in the Moja Gazetka app.  Banners in this app reached users interested in planning purchases and browsing the current offers of retail chains.

Easter in Kaufland

The retail chain Kaufland decided to run a marketing campaign in Moja Gazetka 2 weeks before Easter. The campaign promoted the chain’s Christmas offer. Kaufland’s tile and banner ads were displayed in the newspaper section and while browsing the retail chains’ offers.

Ads for Castorama

In the spring month of April, the construction chain Castorama promoted its offer. The chain took advantage of the marketing capabilities of the Moja Gazetka app. Castorama’s banner promoted the option to buy products via an online store, and promotions of the chain’s product offer. Castorama launched the campaign when stores closed for the weekend. It was a bold move, but it turned out to be a hit. The creations definitely met the needs of Moja Gazetka users, who tapped on it  3 times more often than in other parallel advertising campaigns.

Lidl’s vineyard in Listonic

Lidl used expand banners and text ads in the Listonic shopping app to promote Lidl’s Vineyard. A wide range of marketing possibilities of Listonic enables promotion not only of FMCG products but also online shops and food chains, such as Lidl Vineyard.


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