In 2020, we run over 500 ad campaigns in our apps, reached millions of users, and increased the number of additions of advertised products to shopping lists from a few to over 90%.

fmcg case studies

Hyperlocation Success of the Moyee Coffee Campaign in the Netherlands

After successful promotional campaigns for the Lithuanian, Romanian, and Spanish companies, a Dutch coffee producer Moyee Coffee became interested in our platform.

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Romania Agricola Campaign in Grocery Magnet in Romania

After successful marketing activities on the Lithuanian market for the company Kauno Grūdai, Grocery Magnet expanded its international activities to another country.

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Successful Campaigns in Lithuania

Various campaigns conducted for foreign clients prove Grocery Magnet to be a great tool for advertising in the FMCG industry. The brand portfolio has recently expanded by three more entries.

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We're up for every budget.
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    FMCG Advertising: FAQ

    Whom do Listonic ads work with?

    FMCG brands, chemicals, cosmetics, retail chains, manufacturers of household products, and the financial, entertainment, automotive industry.

    Ads on shopping lists and in store flyers work well for all products that can be bought in grocery stores, but also in shopping malls. Our users are people responsible for household purchases — families, often with children.

    Ads in Listonic and Sales & Deals work well for brands from many industries: food, dairy, cold cuts, fit and vege products, sodas, juices, coffee, tea, pasta, beers, salty snacks, healthy food, baby food, pet food, chemicals, products for dishwashers, cosmetics, OTC medications, and many others.

    We have hundreds of successful cases we’re proud of. Email us, we’ll be happy to send you examples of cases for your industry, including competitor campaigns.

    What will my brand gain from working with Listonic Ads?

    Shopping list ads have a significant impact on FMCG brand sales. Ads in store flyers help you build brand awareness, and your users discover new products. The ads are also a good medium to collect leads in contests and other activations for FMCG/CPG brands also for & retail chains.

    In Listonic, the advertising message reaches the customer when they are in a shop or when they realize they’re missing the advertised product. There are few moments in the week when advertising can help and drive a shopper to choose a particular brand — Listonic Ads give you the opportunity to make an impact in these moments.

    Example 1: An advertisement for pasta is shown to a customer at home when they reach into the cupboard for pasta. They’ve run out of pasta, so the customer adds pasta to the shopping list. Pasta ads show up.

    Example 2: An advertisement for toilet paper is shown to a customer when they are in the store, putting products into their basket.

    Google calls such moments “micro-moments. Listonic can show the estimated impact of ads on sales of advertised FMCG products.

    The ad is displayed in a brand-safe context. It’s highly visible, and not lost in multiple creatives in proximity  as is the cases on the traditional web.

    What results can my brand expect?

    For campaigns for products in large food categories, we measure and report the impact on sales for competing brands and sales changes in that category. The data can be summarized weekly and is available quickly: from a few hours to several days after the end of each week.

    In Listonic Ads, it is also possible to estimate the value of sales and ROI of an advertising campaign, using sales data from retail chains in modern trade and traditional trade stores.

    In addition to extra reports, we also provide a report with standard media metrics: reach, clicks, views, CTR, viewability. Mobile ads in our apps can be measured by third party codes/tools.

    The categories for which we can provide extended reports with business metrics:

    • Drinks: beverage; juice, fruit drinks; energy and isotonic drinks; mineral and spring waters.
    • Sweets and snacks: chocolate; pralines and candies; bars; salty snacks; biscuits; gums, lollipops.
    • Medications: cold remedies; painkillers.
    • Spices: seasoning, mixes.
    • Cooked meats.
    • Dairy products: milk; cream; yoghurts and milk drinks; desserts and cheese, curd, buttermilk.
    • Frozen: frozen vegetables and fruit; frozen foods; frozen fish; ice cream; frozen pizza; frozen fries.
    • Coffee: coffee; chicory coffee.
    • Tea;
    • Cocoa;
    • For children: baby milk; porridge, gruel; wet wipes; laundry detergents; cosmetics; pampers, diapers; toothpaste.
    • For animals: dog food; cat food.
    • Dry goods: rice; groats; sugar; flour.
      Breakfast productscereals; muesli, granola, oatmeal; bread, rusks, rice wafers; breakfast snacks.
    • Cheeses: yellow cheeses; white cheeses; blue-veined cheeses.
    • Butters, margarine and mixes: butter.
    • Alcohol: beers.