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October 4, 2021

2 minutes

Offerista partners with the Listonic app

Offerista chose the Listonic shopping list app to offer merchants exclusive ad placements

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September 29, 2021

2 minutes

Analysis of shopping lists for plant-based diets

More than 20% of Poles identify themselves as vegetarians or vegans. So which substitutes for animal products appear most frequently on our shopping lists? Find out!

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August 25, 2021

2 minutes

Meet the Smart Shopping List – Listonic

Our smart shopping list app is ideal for advertisers. Check out what ad campaigns look like in Listonic!

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August 23, 2021

1 minute

Hero banner – a new dimension of building brand awareness

Our Hero banner is the hero you need and deserve!

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August 22, 2021

3 minutes

Brand safety in times of crises, pandemics and information chaos

In the era of growing popularity of digital marketing, you should take special care of your brand image. Learn about best practices and "brand safety" tools.

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August 20, 2021

1 minute

A Few Words About Listonic Ads Cooperation with Retail Chains

Aldi, Netto and E'leclerc are chains which we cooperate with on a regular basis. Each of them has adopted completely different marketing tactics, which they implement based on the solutions we offer. Let's take a closer look at their marketing actions!

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We're up for every budget.
We respond even to the most challenging briefs.

Contact us!

We're up for every budget.
We respond even to the most challenging briefs.

    Ads on shopping lists and in magazines: FAQ

    What are the most common Listonic Ads campaigns?

    We sell ads on Listonic shopping lists, in Sales & Deals, and in campaigns run in a programmatic way based on Listonic data and data from partners: Grocery Magnet. Most often, we advertise products that you find in grocery stores and grocery chains themselves.

    We work with:

    • Food and beverage brands, including salty and sweet snacks, beer, juice, water, sodas, frozen products, convenience foods, dairy and yoghurt, sweets, fish, meat, coffee and tea, sauces and condiments, baby food, fit and vege products, oils and oils.
    • Grocery retail chains, but also home and garden and drugstore and convenience/proximity.
    • Brands of cosmetics and cleaning products homecare: soaps, shampoos, creams (for women and men) shaving products and utensils, dishwasher tablets, glass cleaners, washing, rinsing, fabric softeners, toilet cleaning products.
    • Manufacturers of pet food and products, especially for dogs and cats.

    And also with:

    • Financial industry: banks, insurers.
    • Telecommunications industrymobile phone networks, with a focus on new offerings and dedicated family offers.
    • Entertainment industry: streaming platforms, television, and film producers.
    • Domestic appliance and electronics industry, including small and large appliances: manufacturers of cookers, vacuum cleaners, kettles, coffee makers, televisions, smartphones and smartwatches.

    Listonic Ads media reaches household purchase decision-makers at a critical time in their purchasing decisions.

    What targeting beyond babyfood and petfood is possible?

    By running ad campaigns in Listonic, Sales & Deals, and Grocery Magnet you can:

    • Target by purchase history, e. g. target ads at people who buy fish, nappies or shaving products.
    • Show advertising messages in the context of selected retail chainsnewsletters, e. g. : only in Biedronka and Lidls flyers, everywhere in drugstore flyers, but not in Auchans flyers.
    • Show advertising in the context of products: e. g. crisps next to beer.
    • Showing your ad when the customer types in what they want to buy. Just like in Google search results. The customer types in shampoo. The manufacturer hints at what kind of shampoo it could be and why this one.

    At Grocery Magnet, we can target groups of people who are responsible for household purchases, looking for appliances, electronics, or dog and cat owners.

    Pots, small appliances, cleaning products, cosmetics - can you measure effectiveness?

    Of course. We examine how often a brand appeared in purchase intentions during the period of an advertising campaign and compare this to a similar period before the campaign. You can also estimate ROI from a campaign by looking at how many times the brand’s products have been added to shopping lists and how many products from that category normally appear on a receipt. In this way, you can measure the performance of advertising campaigns for products that are frequently purchased (there is enough data): soaps, shampoos, washing powders, etc.

    It is more difficult to study the impact of advertising campaigns of household appliances, pots, telecommunication companies, TV platforms, or banks. In the case of such campaigns, we usually look at classic media measures: page views, reach, clicks, CTR and viewability.