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We rely on our own purchasing data, know-how, and the customer success team to make sure we achieve your KPIs. Not only for FMCG.

Be where your customers plan shopping
Show customers your product in our shopping apps
Suggest your products to customers looking for shopping inspiration
Influence the advertising campaign as it unfolds
Retarget by food and shopping preferences.

Our advertising space

Our applications =
2 million customers

We reach customers:

Looking for shopping inspirations

Planning and organizing shopping

Responsible for household purchases

Having a big impact on what goes into the shopping cart

Planning Purchases
0 000 mau

Monthly Active Users

Over 5M downloads
fmcg ads
Woman’s guide to pregnancy
0 000 mau

Monthly Active Users

Over 1M downloads
Keeping Track of Hydration
0 000 mau

Monthly Active Users

Over 500K downloads


Reklama FMCG - Karolina Kuziemka, Starcom
Karolina Kuziemka Senior Communications Planner Publicis Groupe, Starcom

Thanks to the emission of banners on shopping lists, our client's products are added to users' shopping lists. This has an impact on purchasing decisions and trials. In our cooperation, I appreciate the efficient communication, regular reports and extensive post-buy data, which analyze the shopping lists in terms of the frequency of appearance of our client's brand on them. Previous campaigns have generated an increase in popularity of the client's promoted brands in a given product category by several to over a dozen times!

Reklama FMCG - Karolina Gorzałka
Karolina Gorzalka Planning Team Leader

We have already carried out several advertising campaigns with Listonic Ads in the shopping apps Listonic and Moja Gazetka. Each time we were able to count on the professional support of the implementation, efficient communication with the team, and results that satisfied our customers.

Reklama FMCG - Paulina Goździk
Paulina Gozdzik Junior Product Specialist IPG Mediabrands, REPRISE

During the implementation of campaigns with Listonic, I can count on the commitment of the team, proactivity and good implementation in a nice atmosphere. Listonic Ads focuses on the execution of our KPIs. An additional plus of the cooperation is data analysis related to the increase of popularity of advertised products on shopping lists. It's more than just standard digital campaign metrics.

Reklama FMCG - Tomasz Płatek
Tomasz Platek Head of Digital

In advertising activities for our clients, we look for publishers with interesting products and a flexible approach to cooperation. The Listonic team is distinguished by its professional approach and always friendly service. Reliable implementation of projects and comprehensive reports, going often beyond market standards, make us recommend them as a reliable partner.

Reklama FMCG - Mariola Pałczyńska
Mariola Palczynska Director of Sales Revenue Group

I choose Listonic because I can always count on expert findings, recommendations, and professional post-buy reports. The Listonic team is able to effectively advise in planning the best solutions for a client. I can always count on punctuality and 100% implementation of campaigns in accordance with the assumed KPIs.

Reklama FMCG - Tomasz Chełmecki
Tomasz Chelmecki CEO

Listonic Ads is a team that understands client's expectations and can effectively match solutions with campaign objectives. It is also important for us that they react quickly to our needs. This all means that the whole cooperation is very good.



2,8 M views
13 000 clicks
0,46% CTR

Video Campaign


85% VCR*
25% CTR
2,5 M views

*Full video view

Campaign in mobile apps and on the web


4 M views
600 000 reach
25 000 clicks
0,6% CTR

Campaign in Listonic


610 000 views
50 000 reach
7700 Products added to shopping lists
1,26% CTR

Contact us!

We're up for every budget.
We respond even to the most challenging briefs.

Contact us!

We're up for every budget.
We respond even to the most challenging briefs.


    Frequently asked questions about ads and more.

    What is Listonic ads?

    Listonic Ads is a brand of Listonic Sp. z o. o. created to serve clients who are looking for targeted advertising on mobile apps or other products offered by the company. Listonic Ads provides advertising solutions for the FMCG industry, retail chains, financial brands, customer brands and many more.

    What does Listonic Ads offer?

    Listonic Ads offers advertising in mobile apps such as Listonic — a mobile shopping list, or Moja Gazetka — an application aggregating store flyers. We ensure reaching the most valuable customers, i. e. those responsible for household purchases. If you want to show your brand to customers making shopping decisions right in front of the store shelf, then our media solutions are the best space to advertise. Find out more about our ads!

    What is a mobile ad?

    A mobile ad is an advertising form used in mobile apps that can be downloaded to smartphones from Google Play or Apple App Store.

    Influence shopping decisions
    at the right moment

    0,78% %
    average CTR
    37 x
    Increase in sales
    1 bn
    1 M
    Average number of views per campaign
    +16 %
    Increase in brand awareness
    3 M
    Products added to shopping lists
    *Results for the last six months