Our apps' users:

We rely on our own purchasing data, know-how,
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People planning shopping lists

People making purchases

Women expecting a baby

People wanting to know what to expect

Retargeting based on culinary preferences

Retargeting based on
purchase history


Examples of
advertising formats

Reach the right audience with the right banners and ads formats in our apps.


Reach the right target group using our ads formats. If you care about creating customer behavior in a non-intrusive but effective way, go for our advertising media. A wide range of formats allows you to tailor your ad to your promotional needs.

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Targeting Options

Geo / Voivodeships

Product Category

Shopping History

Ad Formats


Geo and Hyper Location

Products Used for Meals

Preferred Cuisine

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Creating shopping lists, store flyers, and recipes

Reach a wide audience with your presence in lifestyle apps.

Advertising on shopping lists

Reach a wide audience with your presence in lifestyle apps.


Listonic users:

  • age 25-45
  • 58% are women
  • responsible for or influencing purchases
fmcg ads
Guiding future moms

Reach people who are looking for pregnancy products and tips.


The users of Momly:

  • age 25 – 34
  • 85% are women
  • Expecting a baby
Banners in the traditional Internet for trade and FMCG products

Pragmatic advertising that reaches people interested in cooking.


We reach:

  • users of culinary websites
  • 45% are people 25- 44 years old
  • 63% are women

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    How does advertising in Listonic ads work?

    You mostly advertise in our two flagship applications: Listonic — a mobile shopping list and Sales & Deals — an application aggregating store flyers.

    An advertiser can reach users looking for inspiration, planning or making purchases in stores, discount retailers, supermarkets, and shopping malls in various ways. Listonic Ads offers display ads (graphic formats), native (native advertising) and video / rich media ads.

    How is advertising in Listonic different from advertising in Sales & Deals?

    The Listonic app is used for planning purchases, and assists in making them in grocery stores. It helps users remember what they were supposed to buy, and they always have the shopping list with them.

    Sales & Deals, on the other hand, helps users choose the right shop, find shopping inspiration, interesting novelties and promotions from retail chains.

    Can the ads be targeted at selected groups of recipients?

    Both in Listonic and Sales & Deals, we can target ads in various ways to reach the most suitable users.