Advertising Based on Shopping and Culinary Preferences? Discover Grocery Magnet!

Advertising Based on Shopping and Culinary Preferences? Discover Grocery Magnet!

August 13, 2021

1 minute

Grocery Magnet

Grocery Magnet is our own tool, which allows our clients to publish retargeting ads based on the shopping and culinary preferences of Listonic users. These are wide-ranging activities – in our system, we have information on the shopping preferences of 9 million people.

We help brands easily find a target group that we know has a purchase interest in products from different categories. Based on this tool, we execute campaigns for food, cosmetics, household and chemical goods manufacturers, as well as for white goods or the automotive industry.

We reach users planning their purchases from different categories by displaying banners of specific products. If a person is looking for cake recipes, we are able to display suggestions for cake baking products. And if our client wants to target barbecue enthusiasts, we can easily reach people looking for barbecue recipes.

Campaign reach is generated through our user data that we have been collecting in our DMP for 8 years. Our own algorithm, the result of years of work at the intersection of culinary, shopping lists and commerce, analyzes:

  • millions of shopping lists and tens of millions of products on the lists,
  • thousands of recipes and millions of ingredients,
  • traffic on a large part of the Polish culinary part of the Internet.

Thanks to Grocery Magnet, we can provide an opportunity to direct an advertisement to users using products similar to the advertised one on a daily basis.

Banners on the Internet

Grocery Magnet ad creatives are displayed in places where ads from Google, Facebook, Adexon, YouTube and 50 other networks show up. A mix of formats is available in 750×100, 750×200, 750×300, 930×180, 970×250, 300×600, 160×600, 120×600, 300×250 and 728×90.

Example Cases

Pedigree and Winiary ads were displayed on websites thematically related to animals and preparations for holidays. The aim of the campaign was to increase sales and brand recognition.