A Few Words About Listonic Ads Cooperation with Retail Chains

A Few Words About Listonic Ads Cooperation with Retail Chains

August 20, 2021

1 minute

Shopper marketing is an extremely effective way to reach customers at the most important point in the shopping process – when they are planning their purchases.

Appropriate optimization of campaigns carried out not only on shopping lists in the Listonic app, but also in store flyers collected by our partner – Moja Gazetka, allows you to effectively reach your key customers and significantly influence sales results. We believe this is why 3 retail chains, Aldi, Netto and E’leclerc, have already trusted us with multiple ongoing campaigns. 

Witty salesman – E’leclerc

Retail chain E’leclerc has been working with Listonic Ads since December 2020. E’leclerc wants to attract customers to their chain’s stores, as well as to increase sales of the advertised products. The network decided to place its advertising creatives in the Listonic app using add-to-list (ATL) banner format, which gives the users the possibility to automatically add an advertised product to the shopping list after tapping on the plus button placed on it. It is a well-thought-out strategy that not only increases users’ interest in the advertised products but also makes them aware of where they can buy these products. In this way, advertising in the Listonic app helps to direct users who create shopping lists to E’leclerc stores.

Examples of implementation of recent campaigns: