Build a Hydration Habit with Waterful

Build a Hydration Habit with Waterful

July 12, 2021

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For over 10 years Listonic apps have been helping users both in Poland and around the world on a daily basis. Our apps include:

  • Listonic – a digital shopping list (Android, iOS);
  • Waterful – drink water reminder (Android, iOS);
  • Momly – pregnancy app (Android);
  • Moja Gazetka – store flyers apps (Android).

Let’s have a look at how Waterful has developed over the years.

In 2019, Listonic released Water Drink Reminder. Initially, the app was only available on the Google Play Store. Over the course of two years, the Listonic team improved its features and worked on a version for iOS users.

In February 2021, Water Drink Reminder changed its name to Waterful, and the company focused on the practical and visual aspects of its product.

There are many apps on the market that remind you to drink water. Waterful distinguishes itself from others by an adorable octopus, the hero of the application. The app was designed so that proper hydration brings you joy. The octopus playfully shows the user’s hydration changes and motivates them to reach their daily goal. In its products, Listonic focuses on simplicity and ease of use – in Waterful it is reflected in intuitive navigation and cute graphics, which makes the use of the application simply pleasant.

Build Hydration Habit with Waterful

Mockup by Denis Rojcyk

Celebrating small victories

Among hydration apps, Waterful stands out not only because of its design but also for its well-thought-out features. To make it easier for the user to build a healthy hydration habit, they can complete 6 personal challenges and receive 20 badges.

Among the challenges that await our users are:

  • Improve brain function,
  • Restore the bodys water balance,
  • Improve the urinary system,
  • Improve skin health,
  • Prevent cramps and strengthening joints,
  • Create the habit of drinking water.

The challenges are designed to make the user aware of how water affects their body daily and to reinforce the habit of reaching for a glass of water through the small victories they will achieve.

Waterful design

Mockup by Denis Rojcyk

Full personalization

Waterful’s functions don’t end with challenges and badges. In the app, users can personalize their daily hydration goal. The goal can be customized on the grounds of your gender, weight, activity level, the impact of weather, and even pregnancy or breastfeeding. This way, everyone can match the app with their lifestyle.

One of Waterful’s primary functions is to differentiate between drinks – the app offers you plenty of choices. Each drink hydrates the body to a different degree, and the app is smart enough to take it into account. Among the basic drinks – apart from water – you can find coffee, wine, tea or juice. In addition, Waterful gives you the option to add your own beverage to their directory.

A helpful feature that makes it easier to stay hydrated is regular reminders scheduled so as not to disturb your sleep. You can also manually adjust them to your lifestyle by selecting specific times.

An inseparable part of this type of application is the statistics about the user’s progress. In Waterful, they can calculate the average drink intake and the percentage of goal completion. This gives the user full control over the hydration of their body.

hydration statistics

Mockup by Denis Rojcyk

Octopus is now available on iOS

After two years of improving the app, Listonic has decided to release a version for iOS phones. As of January 2021, Waterful is therefore also available on the App Store.

Download Waterful on App Store
Download Waterful on Google Play

Endless monitoring

How do you get users to use your app?

Onboarding is the discovery stage. We configure the app together with the user so that after a few steps they can start using the app tailored to their needs. By doing so, we increase the chance that they will come back to the app. – Listonic Project Managers, Ewa Brzezińska and Zofia Lach

The work on the application does not end with the release of the product itself. Onboarding, like other elements, should be continually analyzed and improved based on in-app behavior data – so that it meets the user needs better. Testing and developing features is the key to success in the mobile world.

Read the full interview with Ewa Brzezinska and Zofia Lach about the role of Onboarding in user experience (in Polish) – LINK

Waterful in numbers

Waterful is currently available on the App Store and Google Play stores in 172 countries and has been translated into 35+ languages (more to come soon). The application is the most popular in Germany, Poland, the United States, Great Britain and Hungary. Waterful is also high rated – Google Play (4. 7), while App Store – (4. 8)

The demographics of the app’s users show that nearly 80% are female and over 20% are male.

The number of MAU (Monthly Active Users) is 100,000 users combined on both platforms, and the average time a user spends in the app is 2 minutes and 24 seconds per day.

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