Listonic Became the First Company in Poland with DAR Certificate from Nielsen!

Listonic Became the First Company in Poland with DAR Certificate from Nielsen!

June 27, 2021

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Listonic became the first company in Poland that has been certified by Nielsen Digital Ad Ratings measurement tool.

Nielsen Media is a global measurement and data analytics research company, providing the media and advertising industries with objective and reliable metrics that create a common understanding of the industry, essential to functioning markets. Nielsen-DAR (Digital Ad Ratings) – is used for measuring the reach of digital campaigns and the degree to which the right target group is reached. The DAR tool is based on tags embedded in advertising creations for a specific campaign, thanks to which difficult and time-consuming changes in the publisher’s app are not necessary.

With tags and the DAR methodology (based on collaboration with a data provider) we measure page views, reach, frequency, and the number of unique customers a campaign reaches. Plus, we recognize their demographics. For mobile apps, the same data is captured through a certification process that allows adId information to be transmitted. This ensures that the entire process runs smoothly and correctly.

Thanks to Nielsen’s global certification, DAR is now accessible for key apps in the market, including YouTube, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

For Listonic, this is an extremely important opportunity to demonstrate the quality of the sold space with an external, objective tool. As a publisher, Listonic Ads takes care of its customers during and after the end of a campaign by providing data related to the growth of brand popularity on shopping lists. Thanks to DAR certification, the data provided to the client is more accurate and verifiable through the Nielsen tool.