Meet the Smart Shopping List – Listonic

Meet the Smart Shopping List – Listonic

August 25, 2021

4 minutes


Listonic is the most convenient shopping list that will help you and your family plan your purchases faster and more efficiently than with a pan and paper. You can use Listonic both via our website and in the mobile app. The Listonic app has over 10 million downloads and is available in over 35 languages worldwide.

Download Listonic on iOS or Android.

A brief history of our app

The idea for Listonic was created by three friends who met at the Technical University of Lodz, studying computer science in the days when phones with a flip phone and polyphonic ringtones were the peak of dreams.

While living together during the Erasmus trip, they encountered various problems: while shopping they forgot to buy some products, or in turn bought things they already had. They decided to tackle these simple challenges by coming up with a digital shopping list. They continued working on the application after returning to Poland, and even won a few awards for their student project.

When the mobile revolution became a reality, the guys decided to turn their student idea into a business. Listonic, which they founded almost 10 years ago, has become one of the most recognizable Polish startups. Now, this simple shopping list is used by millions of people and has been translated into over 40 languages.

The key Listonic functions

Listonic targets little inconveniences of everyday life, making it easier to create shopping lists. Planning shopping with a digital list is faster, safer (difficult to lose it) and offers more options than pen and paper.

Some of our favorite Listonic functions:

  • creating multiple shopping lists in one place – no more lost shopping lists,
  • arrange your list by product category – an organized view,
  • take all the products you need off the shelf, 
  • share shopping lists with others – you don’t have to remember everything, let other household members add their needs,
  • price view – add prices to products, so you know how much you’ll spend on purchases.

Listonic and cooperation with advertisers

Listonic cooperates not only with FMCG advertisers but also with other industries, such as retail, automotive, finance, household equipment. Thanks to Listonic, advertising message reaches users both at the stage of planning and  shopping.

Listonic Ads is a team that understands client’s expectations and can effectively match solutions with campaign objectives. It is also important for us to react quickly to our needs. This all means that the whole cooperation is very good. – Tomasz Chełmecki, CEO, youwillsee. pl

Listonic advertising opportunities

Listonic’s smart shopping list offers a wide range of ad formats, each with its own unique characteristics:

  • banner
  • banner with an add-to-list button (ATL),
  • hero banner
  • native formats – text links, product suggestions.

Banner is a format that mainly helps in branding. The expand version influences the image of the recipient and increases the memorability of the creative.

ATL Banner – both standard and expand versions – has a button that, when touched, automatically adds the advertised product to the shopping list. ATL banner advertising significantly increases sales in product campaigns.

Nowadays, smartphones vary in size. Matching the current trends, both banners and ATL banners can be displayed in the so-called big zone, i. e. adjusting to the screen size of a large smartphone.

Hero banner is the newest Listonic advertising format, which is displayed on the main page of the application. Read more about hero banner here – LINK

Product suggestions are shown when adding products to shopping lists, while text links are already displayed in the shopping list. More about the properties of native formats here – LINK.

Effectiveness of advertising campaigns in Listonic

Listonic is an ideal place to promote a brand, as well as brands under its banner.

Overall App Stats:

  • 10 M downloads
  • 1500 000 MAU

With access to such a wide audience, you can confidently plan campaigns. Our team of experienced salespeople and service team are committed to making the results the best they can be. This is evidenced by our results for the last six months and the words of our customers.

  1. Average CTR even above 2%!
  2. 150,000 product additions to shopping lists – thanks to campaigns
  3. Sales increases as high as 37x
  4. Hundreds of millions of ad views each month in apps
  5. Increase in brand popularity on lists, from several to several dozen percent

In advertising activities for our clients, we look for publishers with interesting products and a flexible approach to cooperation. The Listonic team is distinguished by its professional approach and always friendly service. Reliable implementation of projects and comprehensive reports, going often beyond market standards, make us recommend them as a reliable partner. – Tomasz Platek