Momly – a Stress-free Pregnancy

Momly – a Stress-free Pregnancy

July 14, 2021

2 minutes

Pregnancy is undoubtedly a special time in a woman’s life. It’s also a time that comes with a lot of anxiety. The pregnant woman’s body is changing, and monitoring the health of both mother and child raises many issues, which Listonic addresses.

Listonic created Momly with future moms in mind. It guides women step-by-step through the entire pregnancy and helps them monitor the fetal development cycle. It is an invaluable support for all women who are expecting a baby!

Your entire pregnancy in one app

Momly allows you to comprehensively track the health of both mother and the baby by entering parameters such as weight, blood pressure and heart rate during all three trimesters. The articles published in the app help women discover what happens to a woman’s body week by week and dispel all doubts. In other words – everything you need during pregnancy is in one place.

The application provides:

  • weekly pregnancy news and tips
  • child size visualizations
  • due date days counter
  • contractions counter
  • reminders for medication and medical appointments
  • a proposal of a layette for a newborn baby
  • a list of things you need for your hospital stay

… and many more!

Mockup by Denis Rojcyk

The latest updates added a more realistic visualization of the baby. From now on, you can see how big the baby is also in 3D format.

Where to find Momly?

Just click here:

Download Momly on Google Play

or search for Momly in the Google Play store.

More to love:

Momly is currently available on Google Play in all countries and translated into 20 languages. It is the most popular among the citizens of Brazil, Italy and Poland.

Since the beginning of 2021, the app has been downloaded over 630,000 times and is rated 4. 7/5 stars in user reviews on Google Play.

The number of active users each month is over 285,000.