Offerista partners with the Listonic app

Offerista partners with the Listonic app

October 4, 2021

2 minutes

Offerista chose the Listonic shopping list app to offer merchants exclusive ad placements. From May 2021, advertising space in Listonic is available as a result of a partnership with Offerista. In addition to Austria and Germany, it works in Poland, Romania, the Czech Republic, and Hungary. Others, such as Switzerland, are planned. 

As a shopper marketing network, Offerista Group GmbH offers individually targeted, digital solutions for location-based offer and store marketing. With cross-channel campaigns, advertising messages are promoted widely across various user-relevant channels. In this way, brands can interest customers in their products and attract them to the stores. 


“The cooperation with Listonic is another step in the strategic expansion of our native network. This is because we are constantly striving to offer our customers even more opportunities to better reach their target groups. With the new partnership, we not only offer additional reach, but also give retailers the opportunity to be present exactly where their customers plan to shop. In this way, we manage to make consumers even more curious about our customers’ products and attract them even more to the stores. After all, we support now more than 1,600 international retail and manufacturer brands from all industries through intelligent marketing,” says Benjamin Thym, Founder and CEO of the Offerista Group 

“Listonic shopping list users are spread all over the world. We enable advertisers to influence people’s buying decisions. Marketers thus reach customers at the very crucial moments when they are planning their purchases. Offerista is an ideal partner for Listonic. We serve the same customers, but we have done it in different countries so far. We are looking forward to working together in Germany, Austria, Poland, Romania, the Czech Republic and Hungary. Because together we will make our marketers’ sales skyrocket”, says Kamil Janiszewski, Chief Revenue Officer & Co-Founder of Listonic.