Hero banner – a new dimension of building brand awareness

Hero banner – a new dimension of building brand awareness

August 23, 2021

1 minute

A hero by his definition is characterized by extraordinary deeds. In the advertising industry, it is difficult to reach a wide audience and attract their attention at the same time. So if – like Bonnie Tyler in her song – you feel you need a hero to help you, be sure to check out our latest ad format!

Hero banner is a special format that influences brand awareness among the audience. In addition to the excellent visibility of the creative and a strong image effect, it guarantees a number of other, equally valuable advantages. Hero banner provides:

  • exclusive broadcast
  • the ability to reach every user of the application
  • flat fee billing model

By placing the creative on the main page of the app you will stand out from the competition, and your ad will not be in any way intrusive. This is a great way to increase your audience’s confidence in the product you are presenting.

hero banner Listonic

The Hero banner is the hero you need and deserve!


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