Ranking of ketchup brands

Ranking of ketchup brands

July 1, 2013

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Ketchup, ketchup, ketchap – for some tomato sauce, for others condiment. Many people can not imagine its absence in the kitchen. The hero of children’s meals, the indispensable part of a fast food dish; some people even consider it a daily portion of vegetables on their plate. We present you our most popular ketchup brands ranking!

When using ketchup, many of us don’t realize that it appeared in China as a base for fish dishes. Ketchup was originally not only a tomato sauce, so even though you can’t find mushroom or walnut ketchup nowadays, the bottles still bear the name “tomato ketchup” to make it more precise.

Since then, ketchup has come a long way, conquering markets in the USA, Canada and Europe and becoming an indispensable part of the décor in bars, small catering establishments, as well as a faithful companion at barbecues.

Poles also loved ketchup. Currently, the ketchup market in Poland is valued at over 425 million zlotys. Not bad! What ketchup brands appear on our shopping lists most often?

Pudliszki, Hellmann’s, Heinz and Włocławek are the undoubted kings of their category! They are followed by brands such as Kotlin or Tortex, and Develey, although served in McDonald’s chains, appears in our ranking only on 7th position.

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